Since the Islamic revolution of 1979 the number of Iranian nationals who have settled in the United Kingdom has increased progressively. The new arrivals belong to different well established cultural and religious backgrounds supplemented by opposing political orientations. For them to adjust to the life in Britain, a country with a strong sense of national, religious and cultural identity is not always an easy task.

Like all immigrants, these new arrivals face many challenges when attempting to make a life for themselves and their families in Britain. Domestic, social, financial and cultural issues affect every aspect of their lives and so the HICA endeavours to provide them advise and assist them with these problems when ever it can.

HICA’s mandate is to foster and ease the process of integration and to encourage meaningful contributions from Iranian citizens to the multicultural society of Britain. We would like Iranian nationals who have been granted British citizenship to make the most of their right of entry and we want to assist them to contribute to the best of their capacity to a country which has welcomed them in their time of hardship and has provided them with security, health and education. At the same we would like them to hold fast to their rich culture, their mother tongue language and to their heritage, which is unmistakable Iranian.

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