Persian GCSE and A-Level examination

OCR, examination body, changed its decision and yesterday announced that Persian GCSE and A-Level qualifications are to be continued.

Previously, OCR had announced that as of 2018, the Persian GCSE and A-level qualifications are to be discontinued. Cultured Iranian along with other adherent of Persian culture in a collective effort and by setting up a campaign for rescuing Persian GCSE and A-Level and collecting more than 11,200 signatures in form of a petition, protested against OCR decision for discontinuing the qualification. OCR after some initial resistance finally withdrew its decision and yesterday quietly informed us that Persian GCSE and A-Leves are not to be discontinued and interested students as usual can take these qualifications and sit in the related exams.

We take this opportunity and say thank you to all of you, who supported us in this cause, which secured the future of Persian GCSE and A-Levels qualifications

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